M & P Sports AAU Program

Our AAU basketball is an intense program which gives a great opportunity for players to develop as athletes which prepares them for leadership and also the possibility to achieve college recruiting exposure. M&P Sports has a unique AAU program for teams 7U to 17U for boys and girls, due to the demands and competitiveness of AAU we will be holding 5 Tryout sessions during the months of December, January, February and March 2018.


Tuesday 19th December 2017 Time:- 6pm-8pm
Saturday 6th January 2018 Time:- 4pm-6pm
Saturday 27th January 2018 Time:- 4pm-6pm
Saturday 3rd February 2018 Time: 4pm - 6pm
Sunday 4th March 2018 3pm to 5pm


  • We will be holding 5 Try-out sessions in December 2017, January, February and March 2018
  • Registration will open in December 2017
  • The season will start in March 2018 and ends in July 2018
  • Our Basketball Practice sessions are 2 hours and 2.5 hours practice sessions twice a week which consist of: - 
    • Classroom Education Teaching Basketball IQ and fundamentals, using video clips from practice to address every players development
    • Shooting Drill :- Improvement shooting technique with our shooting machine
    • Key outcomes that will be taught in the season through our comprehensive outlined learning plan
    • Resources on Nutrient and Body care for maximum result and injury prevention
    • Game clock management
    • Shot clock management


  • Once a week players will also have 1 hour to 1.5 hours  Specialist Sports Trainer, who will plan individualized program to address any muscle imbalance or misalignment, work on power and strength endurance, plyometrics, vertical training and injury prevention


  • Access to other programs we offer for further development- Please review the other services/programs we provide for accelerated development depending on your goal for Basketball.
    • Private Training
    • Skills Clinic
    • Small Group Training
    • Shooting Program with Shooting Machine
    • Youth Basketball League
    • Camps
  • School Term, one practice session will be held on the weekday and one on the weekend, tournaments on weekends
  • During School Holidays practice sessions will be on weekdays and tournaments on weekends
  • 8-12 weekend tournaments averaging to roughly a minimum of 32-48 games in the season
  • Practice sessions will improve development, basketball IQ, Ball handling, shooting, court knowledge and much more..
  • Scholarship Preparation Resources
  • NCAA Tournaments in July 
  • National Tournaments for set players in Florida/Las Vegas/San Antonio (please note this is an additional cost)
  • Team Photographs of wins with trophies for each successful weekend tournament
  • Team and Individual Photograph at the start of the season



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Register for Girls AAU Team

What do we offer?

As part of our AAU program and our efforts to expose our players to college recruiters will be entering NCAA certified tournaments throughout the month of July. Develop players for school teams and college ventures, both on and of the court.
Try Outs

We will be holding 4 try outs for players before we start the season, which will be held in December 2017, January and February 2018. we are looking to fill teams for both Boys and Girls ages 7U to 17U.

Tournaments and Nationals

There will be a total of 8-12 tournaments depending on tournament availability, schedule and the age bracket of each team. The location of the tournaments will be in the vicinity of Houston and the surrounding areas. With one or two games out of town which will be the NCAA tournaments in July, these tournaments are good to raise your profile and gain exposure to college recruiters and Coaches. Every tournament will be on the weekend both Saturday and Sunday.

National tournaments will also be included in the schedule however this is at a separate cost to the AUU fees. The national tournaments under consideration are Las Vegas, San Antonio, Florida and Dallas.

Primary Season

The primary season is predominately for practice sessions and tournaments for the players and teams. It will run from March – July. Tournaments will take place on the weekends Saturday and Sunday. Practice sessions will take place twice a week during the weekday with each session will be 2-2.5 hours depending on age bracket.

College Preparation Resources

We provide college preparation resources which will be included to the AAU program for Like Mike AAU teams.

The purpose of the college preparation resources is to prepare players who are serious about playing college basketball, an in depth focus for players communication with college coaches, interview techniques, creating following on social media, profile building and video highlight films.