Our vision is to be the No 1 Basketball Coaching Academy Nationwide in the United States, creating not just great athletes but also great leaders using the discipline of basketball as a foundation. Our ultimate goal is for every individual to reach and exceed their potential.



Our brand stands for excellence, dedication, and commitment, we at Like Mike Basketball Academy are here at your disposal to give you an exceptional platform in order for you to achieve your goals. We polish basketball players and help them achieve greatness through our expertise and our training programs. We have been in this line of work for the longest time and can safely say that we have excelled at the work we do and the quality of service that we promise to provide to our players and parents.


We offer a variety of different planned packages for players that are interested in learning this beautiful game. In addition we also have varying programs we provide such as Youth Basketball League, Skills Clinic, AAU Program, Private Training, Shooting Lessons/Training, Small Group Training and Camps all which provide a unique approach to player development. We don’t stop there as we help the athletes both on and off the court also offering proper nutrients advice and plans to keep them fit for every aspect of their game. Going in depth into every player’s development is where we believe we have the edge over our rivals, which is why we believe that we are the place where you should be if you wish to groom yourself overall as a basketball player.



Our team will light up your basketball career, they are highly experienced and skillful coaching team that ensures that every individual gets the attention the require and are given guidelines according to their needs. The academy is run by Head Coach Mike Glaze. With a extensive background, his coaching experience starting from being an assistant coach at college level while playing, it was his Head College Coach at the time that spotted his potential and eye for coaching. From there he has coached the youth basketball for over 10 years, he did a stint of Semi-Professional coaching, High School coaching, the list is endless. Coach Mike is a very dedicated individual that has immense love for the game and wants to bring up young athletes. .


Our belief is “Quitting is not an option and working hard can help you achieve the impossible”. We train players to excellent athletes not just in the game on basketball but also leaders of tomorrow.