Is M&P Sports the same organisation as Like Mike Organization?
M&P Sports is a non profit organization for the AAU basketball teams for both girls and boys, that is starting in November 2016. Like Mike Basketball Academy provides the basketball training needed for player debvelopment. Both organzaations have Coach Mike conducting the training and devlopment but operate as two seperate organizastion that partner to provide added value to all the players.
When can I join the Skills Clinic?
The Skills Clinic can be joined at any time and is run continously throughout the year. When you join you will be put into the appropriate group based on skill and grade level of the player.
How can I arrange for small groups training?
This session will cost $175 and can be split between 5-7 players, this can either be arranged with players parents or our support team can help to assist when possible. This is very beneficial to block book these sessions to truly benefit.
How many sessions can I have per week of Private Training?
Its is advisable to have at leat 2 sessions oer week however this can be arranged based on arrangement with the Coach Mike based on the speed and level of development needed. It is very specfic to every indivdually player so there is no same program for every player.
How soon can I book for the Camps?
You are able to book for the camps now and our support team will be in touch with you.
How soon can I join the M&P Sports AAU Teams?
You can join the AAU team now. Just go the AAU page and register and our support team will contact you will run through the registration process and the program for the the year.
Are National tournments part of the AAU program?
Yes National tournments will take place later in the year 2017, players will be selected based on dedcaition and passion for the sport.
What is the player evalution?
Coach Mike performs player evalution to assess firstly the srtating point and also the assess what areas need developing as well as idnetfying areas that are strong. This will act as the building block for each player to develop and excel. The player evalution is in the form of a paper report and also a verbal assessment.
What is organzation's philosophy?
The players are trained in a sort of way that once they grasps the fundamental and IQ of basketball they are able to translate this into any Coaches training philosophy and excel.
What is the role of the parents/guardian?
It is really important that we educate parents so they fully understand our training program but also to be empowered as to what training program their child undergoes in school or any organization that will enable your child to player every position.
What do you do for the player?
All players are trained to build their confidence as well as their skill sets. We also proud ourselves in training players to be able to player all positions rather than just focusing on certain position based on their body type. This enables to child to fully grasp the game and IQ and also be able the adapt to any position as they grow into adulthood as there is no guarantee in the body type of players at a young age.
Do you offer sibling discounts?
Our programs are really good value as we offer premium services and basketball training that is very unique. It stands out from other training programs and is designed to yield the results, therefore we do not offer sibling discounts but believe we add value are really proud of the programs we provide to our players.